Wedding Preparation Timeline

You are now engaged and you are starting the process of planning the Big Day.  I came across this guide from the folks at Adorn Invitations as well as some tips for your big day planning.




Tip 1. Be flexible with your Date
If you need to save on cash, look at having your wedding on a weekday! Often venues will offer major discounts on weekday weddings and also during off-peak season. If you’re having your reception near the beach – these beachside restaurants will have huge cuts in the colder months.

Tip 2. Organization is Key
Ladies, make sure you stay on top of absolutely everything. One the bills and balances start rolling in, it’s easy to get confused and forget what is owed and where. Create a portable folder with all of your vendor’s details, receipts and balances.

Tip 3. Wholesalers are your Best Friend
If you’re having a smaller floral arrangement and if you know exactly what you want – cut the middleman costs and go directly to a wholesaler like a flower market. Make sure to even ask your reception if they can provide floral arrangements. It’s likely that they’ll have a preferred supplier with much bigger buying power than you.

Tip 4. Trials
Beauty trials are absolutely a necessity when preparing for your big day with the most important being a fake tan trial. Trust me ladies, you do not want to be like Anne Hathaway walking the NY streets in a tangerine hue ala Bride Wars for your big day. Also do your research with a few different hair and makeup looks and try them out with a couple of different hair stylists and makeup artists.

Tip 5. Beware of Hidden Costs
You’ve got your budget for your gown, you’ve found your perfect dress and it just made your funds allowance. However, alterations can cost you upwards of $1,000 depending on who you go to. Accessories such as veils and dress hoops if you’re feeling the princess gown, can also cost you – so make sure you take these into consideration when budgeting.

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