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Photographers on the Big Island of Hawaii: Wedding

Photographers on the Big Island of Hawaii

There are a lot of photographers on the Big Island of Hawaii to chose from.  Some have been here for a little while, some do as a part job to earn a little extra money and then there is me and others that do it full time and professionally and have been here for over 15 years.

I believe choosing a photographer that has been on the islands and are familiar with the resorts and local spots makes a big difference in your wedding photography.

This couple were married at the Hapuna Prince on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They had the ceremony at Turtle Point and then did photos on the lawn and down on the beach.

Kona Wedding Photographer at Living Stones Church

Kona Wedding Photographer

This couple were married at Living Stones Church on Alii Drive on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The bride got ready inside the church and were married on the lawn looking out at the ocean.

Both the bride and groom wore converse sneakers.  They had a lot of other fun details including the first initials of both of their names.

At the reception the couple used glow sticks to make some really fun photographs.

They also won the award for the most amount of cake to stick on a bride’s face.




Sunrise Wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii at Kukio Beach

Sunrise Wedding on the Big Island

A lot of couples go for a sunset wedding but another great option is a sunrise wedding.  Soft light and cool temperatures make a sunrise wedding a great choice.  This couple chose Kukio beach located just south of the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.  Kukio beach is a public beach location and therefore requires no fee to get married there.

This couple loved the sunrise option because they had their entire day to enjoy being a newly married couple.  The couple was staying close by and therefore were able to take a morning stroll to the wedding enjoying the beautiful weather and views of Hawaii’s beautiful waters, palm trees and flora.

The groom greeted the officiant with the sharing of the breath or Ha.  The couple exchanged leis and had there rings blessed with a prayer and sprinkling of salt water.




Maternity Portrait on the Big Island Waikoloa

Photographed a beautiful maternity session at A-Bay in the Waikoloa Resort area on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We took photos of both Mom to be and the rest of the family.  Although it was windy we used some protected areas to keep the family out of the wind.

The Mom brought a change of clothe so that we could do some with and without a bare belly.


Couple photographer Kona Hawaii Old Airport

I recommend to all my wedding couples that they do a couple’s session before their wedding to get used to being photographed.  While this couple was here doing a site visit on the Big Island they took the opportunity to have some photos done.

Both being avid runners we took a couple of photos with their “Kona” running shoes.