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Hawaii Wedding at Holoholokai Beach

Hawaii Wedding at Holoholokai Beach

This couple was married at Holoholokai Beach, which is next to the Fairmont Orchid Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. The beach there is more of a coral beach, pieces of coral rather than sand, which gives it a unique look especially with some of the cool trees along the coast.  The beach also has a great lava outcropping which makes for dramatic sunset photos. After sunset we used the high ISO, image capturing ability, of Canon’s flagship camera to get some great photos of them playing by the water together.

Intimate Wedding at Kukio Beach on the Big Island

Intimate Wedding at Kukio Beach

This couple was married at Kukio Beach on the Four Season’s side.  The beach offers a couple of great locations for getting married; up on the point where this couple got married or down on the beach.  Like many couples, this couple walked up the aisle together.  They had a ukulele player during the ceremony playing worship music softly in background. (It added such a beautiful element to the wedding)

The exchanged leis and even said their vows in Hawaiian (and English)

The couple had some fun ideas including the photo of the bride in the shape of the heart, made by the groom’s hands.


Lynn and Joe’s Voe Renewal at the Hilton Waikoloa

Voe Renewal at the Hilton Waikoloa

Lynn and Joe celebrated their anniversary by renewing their vows, and they captured the day with all day photography coverage.

We started in the morning by doing 30 minute mini portrait sessions with each family that came to the wedding.  A great way to meet all the families and a great thank you gift to the families for coming out to Hawaii to celebrate their wedding.  After the families and after the getting ready photos we did a pre session of the couple around the grounds.

The wedding was on the lawn with a beautiful view of the ocean.

The reception was at the Hilton’s Luau.  The guests all set together to enjoy the show and celebrate.