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Family and Senior Portraits in Kona Hawaii

Family and Senior Portraits in Kona Hawaii

Are you coming to Hawaii and haven’t taken senior portraits for one of your kids ?  Kona is a great place to have your family and senior portraits taken that will offer a unique and stunning background for your senior.  The Big Island also has country type backgrounds like this one, which was taken up in Waimea.

During an hour session we can capture both family photos and individual photos of your senior.  Are rates are often lower than mainland companies who charge a surcharge because it is senior photos.  We charge the same fee whether it is family photos, senior photos, or a combination of both.


Mauna Lani Weddings on the Big Island

The Mauna Lani is a beautiful location on the West side of the Big Island of Hawaii.  A wonderful location for a large or intimate wedding.  Lush grounds, long beaches, ancient fish ponds and a wonderful staff make this hotel a great choice for your wedding or vow renewal.





What time of day should I do my portrait session ?


What time of day should I do my portrait session

Families and couples often ask what time of day is the best time of day for my portrait session.  Hopefully this blog will help some other couples and families with the decision.  In my opinion there are two great times for a session in Hawaii, the earlier morning and an hour before sunset.  Listed below are some pros and cons for each time of day:

Early Morning:

•  People often find that with the time difference they are up early anyhow and that by sunset time their kids are getting tired and ready for bed

•  The bluest skies and bluest ocean are in the morning, the greens and flowers are also richer in color

•  The weather is the most consistent with the least chance of rain or clouds in the morning

•  Sometimes even early in the morning people find it a little warm for portraits

•  Sometimes people find that the light is a little harsh and some people squint
Hour Before Sunset:

•  The softest and most flattering light is at an hour before sunset

•  It is generally cooler

•  The last 10-15 of the session usually has a beautiful sunset background

•  Beaches are usually a little less crowded at that time of night

What should I wear for my family portrait

A question that I often get asked when people are booking a portrait is what should I wear for my family portrait.  Although personal preference is a strong factor, here are some guidelines that may help.

Solid Colors: In general you are better off going with solid color rather than a busy pattern.

Darker Colors:  Hawaii is famous for linen outfits on the beach.  That is a beautiful option, but in general darker colors tend to make for better portraits.

Continuity: Making your family “match” is another aspect to consider.  One of my favorite choices is when a family choses a common color and everyone in the family has something that contains that color, often in varying shades.  It makes for a continuity without being too matchy.  Another option that I really like is when the men/boys match in one way and the woman/girls match in another way.

Treat Yourself:  We all feel good when we have a new outfit to wear.  If you feel good about what you are wearing, it will come across in the photos.

Hair and Make-Up:  Professional hair and make-up also make a big difference in your family or couple photography.  A make-up artist can do your make-up in a way that makes you looks great on camera.  And, there is sometimes wind on the beach, so don’t be afraid to spray just a little more hair spray.

Wedding Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the 3rd Tee of the

Wedding Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

The 3rd tee of the Mauna Kea is a beautiful place to have a wedding.  It offers great sweeping views of the ocean and because it raised up on a hill it offers privacy from people walking by.  It also offers a lot of great angles for photography being able to shoot from up above and down below.

The Mauna Kea also has one of the nicest beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii, with beautiful white sand that stretches for a long time.